If we share…

Do you believe that a conversation can make a difference?

“I think we have enough food for everyone, if we share,” I overheard a young woman say to her friends as she passed by the table where my husband & I sat in the sunshine reading the latest newspaper over coffee. What caught my attention was the words “enough” and “everyone,” especially since we were surrounded by coffee shops, grocery stores and bakeries. Why not take advantage of the abundance of food available in the vicinity?  If they were worried that they didn’t have enough to eat, they could always buy more food to make sure. But they moved on, satisfied to commingle their resources.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about the strategic direction of Taking the Kitchen. There are remarkable food blogs that provide an astounding variety of recipes that inspire and delight. But when I think of Taking the Kitchen, I go back to the young woman. “I think we have enough food for everyone, if we share.” Going forward, Taking the Kitchen will be about community (share), diversity (everyone) and frugality (enough).

A conversation can make a difference.

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Shopping in a Venice Market