Mark Bittman – Here’s a thought!


“1 billion people in the world are chronically hungry. 1 billion people are overweight.”
Mark Bittman (Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating with More Than 75 Recipes)

The more I consider our connections with food, culture and health, I realize that my choices, however small, do make a difference.  Today, I celebrated the shared moments with my family and friends that involved “breaking of bread.”  It is the noblest of undertakings.

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47 thoughts on “Mark Bittman – Here’s a thought!

    1. I am delighted that you stopped by….

      This is my blog about my journey into the kitchen. Alas, I have not spent that much time in my kitchen…but that is for another post. So glad that we are connected. 🙂


      1. Me too. I see your lovely face liking some of mine and I came to see if you’ve posted anything new. Finding not much, I looked around your other site and came to this which I really enjoyed. You’ve a lovely presence and I wanted to flow a little back to you. Have a great day. 🙂


    1. I haven’t forgotten this little blog! Actually, I am trying to figure how to fit it into my writing schedule. I have so much to write about Taking Back the Kitchen – so I will be back. In the meantime, thank you so much for your nomination and support. I am going to come over to your blog! I think that we are going to start a wonderful dialogue.


  1. Dear FRIEND, my translation in english I’m afraid is not very, very well … however:
    2 kg flour: 4 cakes … you have to do this:

    1. dough (in romanian “plamadet”): 250g flour with 1/2 liter milk, knead well and leave to cool; when the dough is cool, add yeast 100g yeast soaked in a little milk (not to be hot, but not cold), frame it and let it grow;

    2. a the pan (or what have you) put flour, and in the middle you put the dough increased well beaten eggs (8-10 eggs beaten with 500g sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt races), 4 sachets vanilla sugar, orange and lemon races, 2 bottles of rum, 1 bottle of essence of lemon and 1 bottle of orange essence;

    3. pastry dough, must contain good and if you add a little too vigorous warm milk;

    4. as I said, knead well, put oil occasionally (4-6 tablespoons of oil), approx. 45 min kneading, if you want to get it right;

    5. let it rise, then divide into 4 pieces and I do as you wish: walnuts, sugar and cocoa, shit if you want;

    6. if you want braided proceed as a braided tail, right? Place in greased pans very well with oil or lard or margarine and let rise again;

    7. when preparing them for the oven would be great to anoint them with beaten egg and then sprinkle sugar, you can use pieces of walnut, as you saw in my cakes, if you’ve seen mine;

    8. be careful of fire is not strong, depending on what stove you, I bake 1 hour

    9. taking care not to burn them;

    10. if you put too much brown over a white paper

    11. well you let them cool and then remove from pan, right?

    12. I hope you come out the best cakes in the world! Since 15 years I made​​, especially at Christmas and Easter, I never failed, believe me!
    You can see them on my facebook :
    I invite you there !


      1. 🙂 I’m glad ! Thank you for your kind words !
        Zig Ziglar, taking the kitchen, healthy, reading, photography … what a wonderfull world … what a wonderfull life !


  2. Do you want to send a romanian cake recipe? It’s a cake for 2 special times: Easter and Christmas … although it has more calories if we are not sad …:) ?


  3. May your life just make beautiful things , the soul remains eternally young and tender , all you desire shall be yours, and just let the tears of joy . Happy new year!


    1. Thank you so much for your Christmas blessing!!! Merry Merry Christmas – all of the best of the season to you and yours. I look forward to our journey ahead. There are many adventures waiting for us in 2013….


    1. You have found the one blog that I have the most difficulty with – my kitchen. While others seems to be ballerinas in the kitchen, I stumble over my feet. My mother and grandmother were excellent cooks, my sister and sister-in-laws are excellent cooks – even my brothers are better cooks than I am. I grew up surrounded by wonderful food that was shared with friends and family. In my twenties, I was off to a good start. So “Taking the Kitchen” is my journey back in time to see what happened along the way. I don’t think my story is isolated. In fact, recently, I read a study that said that the actual time spent in the kitchen by an average family has decreased over the years. And yet we are eating, as confirmed by the obesity studies. That is why I appreciate stopping by your blog – you inspire me. I am glad that you found this blog…I am looking forward to your words of wisdom…


      1. And here I thought, that you were in the fast lane and I had to keep up with you. I’m gathering strength for the discussion!!! Food and drink is the stuff that keeps us moving forward. In other words, I am heading out for coffee!!!


      2. I very much agree – food and drink is the stuff that keeps us moving forward. For the past few years I have been working towards certifications for holistic nutrition consulting and wellness educator. I take a class a year so it’s taking me awhile. The more I learn the more I see how perfectly God created our food. When I go to the store and see “natural” on it it makes me feel sick knowing that our food shouldn’t even have to say “natural”. The food we were intended to eat was created “natural” and perfect for us. Sorry to complain! 🙂

        Coffee sounds wonderful!! I hope you have a wonderful time! My favorite place to get coffee here in Minnesota is Caribou Coffee.


      3. I am extremely interested in what you are doing: holistic nutrition consulting and wellness educator!! I agree – most of us are in a quandary. With food prices escalating, and organics front and centre in the media, we have difficult choices to make. And it is a global issue! I was speaking with an associate who has family living in China. Rice is steadily increasing, she said. And they do not have the substitutes like potatoes and pasta as readily available as we do in North America. I look forward to hearing more about your work.


      1. Did I hear on a newscast today that someone in government is trying to regulate the size of soft drinks for sale? And other reports for the need to regulate the amount of food intake to reduce obesity. Have we become so unthinking as humans that the government has to regulate such things? Thanks to Mark Bittman he puts it very well in less than fifteen words.


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