Cream Tea & Other Things

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.” 
Sydney Smith, A memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith


Those who follow LadyBudd, know that this past summer I took few weeks to go on an adventure with my family.  It was our “Industrial Revolution” tour that took us into Wales and England.  The culinary highlight of the trip was embracing the gentile tradition of cream tea, also known as Devonshire tea, Devon cream tea or Cornish cream tea.  It is tea consumed with scones, thick clotted cream and a generous amount of jam.

What better place to go than the Pettigrew Tea Rooms, located at West Lodge, Castle Street, at the entrance to the green expanse of Bute Park and Arboretum adjacent to Cardiff Castle.  It was a perfect afternoon, complete with sunshine and a mild breeze that carried the aroma of freshly baked cakes and pastries.  There we were, amidst the chatter and laughter, the clatter of silver teaspoons against china, partaking in a ritual that some believe dates back to the 11th century and the Benedictine Abbey in Tavistock, Devon.

Food and drink is all about tradition, ritual, belief, convention and folklore.  We require these essential elements to sustain our bodies so that we can turn our attention to other things.   There are many “other things” we need to accomplish within our lifetimes, from building our careers to establishing a family unit.  We need to eat and drink, preferably on a regular basis to fuel our activities, and get us from point A to point B, whatever form that takes.  It is no wonder that the food cycle attracts our attention.

It is time to return to Taking the Kitchen!

Just in case you are  in the neighbourhood, Pettigrew Tea Rooms is offering A Christmas High Tea, complete with Traditional Mulled Wine! Pettigrew Tea Rooms Christmas 2013

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.” 

 Fran Lebowitz

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11 thoughts on “Cream Tea & Other Things

    1. You would have loved every minute! Having a park close by was an invitation to all photographers – flowers, rivers and I’m certain that there were hummingbirds. The buddleias were in full bloom!


  1. Did High Tea at the Empress in Victoria, B.C.. It was pleasant, but I thought it was too commercial (and massively overpriced!) to enjoy a really good experience. One flavor of tea was unceremoniously “dumped” into huge cups – no variety. A nearly-silent waiter poured the tea, brought the tri-tiered tray of commercial-looking treats, and was seen again only to offer refills on the tea. I don’t recall any interaction, which would have made the experience memorable.

    A vastly different experience in Port Gamble, Washington, was much more enjoyable. They had fancy hats and boas to add to the festiveness of the occasion, whilst enjoying much better treats in a more intimate atmosphere. A very pleasant server brought the obviously handmade treats, and the owner went to each table to engage in chit chat.

    Guess where we would go next time?


    1. I never made it to “High Tea” at the Empress when we were in Victoria. There is a dress code – no jeans – and that’s all that I had taken with me. And it is indeed pricey. We took tea at the Butchart Gardens instead – lovely!
      In Vancouver, my favourite is “The Secret Garden.” And I also enjoyed the high tea at the Fish House in Stanley Park where a good friend had her bridal shower.

      How right your are – to truly enjoy a “food” event, there must be a joyful atmosphere. Good food, warmth and laughter with cherished friends, and hosts that respect and want your patronage – that is what makes life remarkable.

      I know exactly where you will be going next time!! And I will come and join you….


    1. We are alike – I love food. And when it is served with great care and attention and consumed in good company – ah! That is the best of life…
      Thank you for stopping by – very much appreciated!


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