The Shipyard Food Trucks

If you visit the North Vancouver Shipyards on a late Friday afternoon, you will encounter vivid multi-coloured food trucks cautiously navigating the narrow dockyard roads to find a space to settle. It is “set-up” time for the Shipyards Night Market event that features a marvelous variety of delectable repasts.

The preparation is fascinating. Everywhere I look, there is an efficiency and determination in creating a welcoming space that will entice passers-by to stop by and share an epicurean moment. These trucks have evolved into more than merely a pop-up restaurant that serves fast food. They offer gourmet cuisines that tempt us with specialty ice creams, sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, pizza’s, falafels, pastas, cakes, cookies and, my personal favourite, a donut “hug”.

We have come a long way from the Charles Goodnight’s 1866 Texas chuckwagon that was used on cattle drives and the Walter Scott’s 1872 small covered wagon that served sandwiches to journalists in Providence Rhode Island.

The evolution of food trucks speaks to the way our society embraces a new way of sharing food. We enjoy being in an open market atmosphere that offers diversity and experimentation.

Food grants us life and much more – community, entertainment, celebrations.

Bon Appétit!

Published by Rebecca Budd

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15 thoughts on “The Shipyard Food Trucks

  1. What an interesting post. Somehow, i missed it until now. I enjoyed the conversation as well. These food trucks are a lot of work, the chefs have to enjoy what they do because it takes so much time and effort to offer diverse foods–and have it all fresh! I love the photo of your father in front of the chuck wagon. This little horse driven “truck” carried, not only little provisions of food, but other necessities that were needed on the cattle drives. Moving vehicles–lots of convenience, at hand. A great post, thank you

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    1. So glad that you found the post. It was a great day – sunny but not hot. And lots of wonderful food! I love Dad’s photo in front of the chuck-wagon. I have it close by my computer. Hugs!


    1. Sending love back your way. I looked up the festivals in Argentina and found that January and February are the months with the most festivals – local music, dance, and food. I would love to attend the Cosquin Festival – over nine nights of folk music and dance. Fantastic!!! Here is a quote I know you’ll like: “Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” John Dryden. Some people have a wonderful way with words.

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      1. I am argentine and never attended the Cosquin Festival, but love Folklore music 🎶🎼 and traditional dances. I think I like it more than tango actually…. I was in Córdoba, the province where Cosquin is located and I can tell you it is really beautiful and the people warmer than those who live in Buenos Aires (like me, 😆) … oh and that quote you have chosen is very true 💃🏻🕺🏻 … xx 😘

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    1. It is a great atmosphere – great music, amazing food and wonderful companions. I was reminded of J.R.R. Tolkien’s quotes: If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” Thank you for stopping by and joining the fun!

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  2. Luv this post! Good one, Rebecca.
    I know several people who want to own food trucks, and get good food out to … anywhere!
    It’s a lot of work, but a person can be independent, and create something good for all.

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    1. I admire these amazing chefs. They create nutritious, exciting food within a small space. They are organized and thorough in their preparation. To me, they are artists. Everywhere I walk in Vancouver, there is a food truck ready and willing to serve a meal. Food preparation and planning are undergoing a transformation that conforms to our lifestyle. Have you ever heard of grocerants – grocers that offer meals and large tables to gather around. Always a new adventure!!

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