The Shipyard Food Trucks

If you visit the North Vancouver Shipyards on a late Friday afternoon, you will encounter vivid multi-coloured food trucks cautiously navigating the narrow dockyard roads to find a space to settle. It is “set-up” time for the Shipyards Night Market event that features a marvelous variety of delectable repasts.

The preparation is fascinating. Everywhere I look, there is an efficiency and determination in creating a welcoming space that will entice passers-by to stop by and share an epicurean moment. These trucks have evolved into more than merely a pop-up restaurant that serves fast food. They offer gourmet cuisines that tempt us with specialty ice creams, sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, pizza’s, falafels, pastas, cakes, cookies and, my personal favourite, a donut “hug”.

We have come a long way from the Charles Goodnight’s 1866 Texas chuckwagon that was used on cattle drives and the Walter Scott’s 1872 small covered wagon that served sandwiches to journalists in Providence Rhode Island.

The evolution of food trucks speaks to the way our society embraces a new way of sharing food. We enjoy being in an open market atmosphere that offers diversity and experimentation.

Food grants us life and much more – community, entertainment, celebrations.

Bon Appétit!