Celebrating Tea

April 21, 2020, is Britain’s fifth annual National Tea Day. It is a celebration that I have every day, along with millions of tea drinkers across the globe.

Victoria’s Vintage Tea Rooms

According to Statista.com, “in 2018, global consumption of tea amounted to about 273 billion liters and is forecasted to reach to 297 billion liters by 2021”

The debate on a what is considered the perfect cup of tea is ongoing. How long should the tea be steeped? Should milk be added before or after the tea is poured? Should tea be in a mug or teacup?

Whatever your preference, enjoy a great cup of tea, knowing that you are engaging in a tradition that has symbolized friendship and great conversations over the centuries.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of Britain’s National Tea Day, I went back into my photos to remember a very special place on the island of Unst, Shetland. We were the first to arrive at Victoria’s Vintage Tea Room, so I was able to take photos before everyone else arrived.

A special thanks to the wonderful people who made us feel welcome. The tea was amazing and the company stellar.

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating Tea

  1. I’m not a big tea drinker, Rebecca. However, I do, occasionally, enjoy scones. What better liquid to have with scones, jam and cream, than tea. I have many blends in the pantry from English Breakfast to Green Tea with Lemon. I do prefer, however, Twinings Earl Grey; their French Earl Grey is also very special.
    Your little video was super. The English really know how to put on a great spread of scones and tea; for sure!

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    1. What I especially enjoyed was the homemade scones that were served at this delightful tea shop. Right now, I am trying to figure out the difference between Irish Breakfast Tea and English Breakfast tea. There are so many varieties now, it is always an adventure to go into to tea shop smell the marvelous aromas. In this time of solitude, I’m looking back into my photos. Photos are the only way to stop time and crystallize moments. Take care and stay safe!!!

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      1. So many wonderful memories spring to mind. I love England; especially the ‘villages’ where true hospitality is at its best.
        Did you journey to Whitby in your travels? This is where Bram Stoker holidayed and created ‘Dracula’…

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      2. Yes, we were in Whitby. I did NOT know about Bram Stoker holidaying there. So many many stories in every step we take. Thank you so much for this piece of information – so very interesting.

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  2. Truly, the onlyTea Room experience I’ve ever had, was in Ottawa, Canada.
    I met an old friend. I had Vanilla Earl Grey, & Scone w/ Cream & Jams.
    It was delightful beyond words!

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    1. Ah, there is something about taking tea that is memorable. I had to look up Vanilla Earl Grey and this is Tetley’s description: “A carefully selected blend of Orange Pekoe, combined with the essential flavour of bergamot and just a hint of vanilla, creates a unique tea with subtly sweet undertones and an intoxicating aroma!”

      No wonder it was a delightful time for you – perfect with scones! !!! Hugs!

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  3. What a breathtaking location! The coziness of the tea room contrasting with the wide open, top-of-the-world feeling outdoors. Whenever you share the arts and culture of this part of the globe, I feel strangely at home. It must be something genetic or spiritual, since I’ve discovered a significant part of my heritage originated in the Celtic fringe of the world. Thank you!

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    1. Ah, Mary Jo! Goosebumps – very insightful thoughts, for I believe that we have connections to location. I know that there are studies on what they consider “place attachment” but I must dig deeper for the idea of “place attachment” based on genetic heritage. It would be an interesting research! I feel like I’m coming home every time I head over to Scotland. Thank you for your visits and encouraging comments!!! Hugs

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  4. I am thankful for tea,and all that it represents, so I am glad to celebrate with Britain on its national tea day. For me, it has taken over the importance of coffee in many ways. I enjoy my cup of tea before time for bed and often have tea in the morning! ! I enjoy the increasing number of flavors that I see on the shelves and have experimented with quite a few! ! So, let us enjoy a cup of tea again, soon! !

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    1. I think that would be a great idea – tea time. Whether in person, or virtually, tea brings out so many wonderful conversations. I love going to tea shops and seeing the splendid diversity of tea flavors. Ah….the aromas are always amazing. Just found one with cinnamon. Delicious.


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